State of Firefox OS

State of Firefox OS

Firefox OS Devices

2013 Goal: “ship a phone”

Firefox OS

ZTE, Alcatel, LG

ZTE Open, Alcatel One Touch, LG FireWeb
duck attack!

Spreading Firefox OS

  • 3 phones:
    ZTE Open, Alcatel One Touch, LG Fireweb
  • 14 countries:
    Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Montenegro, Peru, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela
  • 17 operators:
    América Móvil, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison Three Group, KDDI, Korea Telecom, MegaFon, Qtel, SingTel, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia Group, Telefónica, Telenor, TMN and VimpelCom.

Developer Devices

GeeksPhone devices
  • GeeksPhone Keon & Peak
  • + a few unofficially supported devices — Nexus S & Nexus 4 work pretty well.

We focus on shipping phones rather than supporting existing devices.

What we did in 2013

Visual Refresh

Firefox OS

Communication Improvements

  • MMS support
  • Conf call
  • Dual SIM
  • Fixed Dialing Number mode
  • Import contacts from Gmail and Outlook…
  • Export contacts as vCard or to a SIM card

⇒ Now on par with other smartphones for the telephony part.

Other App Improvements

  • New lockscreen
  • e-mail: notifications, drafts, attachments
  • Download manager (from browser, e-mail…)
  • Support for multi-resolution display
  • Do Not Track 3-state setting
  • Performance improvements in app launch latencies and scrolling

So Long b2g18,
and thanks for all the fish!

  • Firefox OS 1.0: Gecko b2g18
  • Firefox OS 1.1: Gecko b2g18
  • Firefox OS 1.2: Gecko 26 (flex-box!)
  • Firefox OS 1.3: Gecko 28

⇒ Now on a healthy 12-week release cycle.

Developer Tools

Developer tools menu
  • Application Manager
  • Remote Debugger
  • Remote Inspector

Works for Firefox for Android, too.

Async Pan & Zoom (APZ)

  • perform panning and zooming asynchronously,
    on the compositor thread rather than the main thead
  • landed right before the X-mas break
  • still fixing a few issues on the front-end side, see bug 949585
  • can be enabled/disabled in the Developer Settings panel

Cool stuff coming in 2014


  • Edge gestures: (*) quick application switching
  • RocketBar: (*) search among user’s bookmarks, history, contacts, Marketplace,…
  • Browser integration into System
  • Customization: replaceable homescreen, customizable lockscreen
(*) can be enabled in the Developer Settings panel

New Web APIs

  • Shared Workers (bug 916204)
    • enable WebAPIs in workers: DataStore, IndexedDB, DeviceStorage, mozContacts, TCPSocket, Notifications…

*YOUR* Tablet UI

If you want to help building Firefox OS on tablets (developers, localizers, testers) Mozilla will provide you as much support as possible, including:
  • a reference device
          (InFocus 10″, 1280×800x24bit, 16GB Storage, 2GB RAM)
  • mentoring and guidance on where we need contributions
  • nightly builds
Check in the next weeks!


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